[Exclusive] JPopAsia Interviews DaizyStripper

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[Exclusive] JPopAsia Interviews DaizyStripper

This is a good year for DaizyStripper fans! Many announcements have been made: two new albums that dropped just before 2016 started, a new single titled "amakara" that hit the stores last month and the start of five solo projects. This is how the band is celebrating its 10th anniversary with fans all around the world.
DaizyStripper formed back in March 2007 as five-member band - and hasn't changed its line-up since the very first day. To give you an even deeper insight in those latest releases and projects all of the five members spent some time to answer us a couple of questions. Check out our first interview with the band! 

JPA: This is our first interview with you, so please introduce yourself and tell us in one expression what DaizyStripper means to you.
Yugiri: I’m vocalist Yugiri. DaizyStripper is like oxygen for me. I’d die without it.
Nao: I’m guitarist Nao! For me DaizyStripper is as beloved and important as Sushi!
Mayu: I’m guitarist Mayu. For me DaizyStripper let me grow as individuum. And it’s the place I want to protect.
Rei: It’s my place to be. It’s the place I always come back to.
Kazami: I’m drummer and pianist Kazami. To express in one word what DaizyStripper means to me, I’ll choose “home”.

JPA: DaizyStripper started being active with these members in 2007. Do you still remember what you thought when you met the other members for the first time? What are your memories of that moment?
Yugiri: I thought they seem to be nice.
Nao: Damn! Aren’t they all nice guys!
Mayu: In the order I met them…
about Kazami: We went to the same high school. Right from the beginning he was already popular for being skilled when it comes to music.
about Rei: a slender good-looking guy! A friendly yankie (laughs)
about Yugiri: A person that considers other people a lot. They said they’ll introduce me to a person that can sing girl’s songs in a super high tune voice but is this real?!
about Nao: A sparkling boy!
about Yugiri: I knew his artist photos from his former band and thought he looks so scary but when I met him it turned out that he’s a good-looking guy,
about Nao: polite boy
about Mayu: He had no eyebrows. It was scary.
about Kazami: I’ve seen him in his former band, so I was nervous to meet him.
Kazami: Super natural boy!

JPA: Who do you think has changed the most during the time and why did you pick that member?
Yugiri: Mayu. He went to America for half a year and when he came back he was more light-hearted.
Nao: I’ve changed the most, baby~. I was the one lagging behind the most, so I grew a lot!
Mayu: Back then Nao was really shy but now there’s nothing left of that!
Rei: In general, all of us. We all have things we’re responsible for and we all could grow on it.
Kazami: Nao. He’s always drinking more than two liter at lives now.

JPA: For your 10th anniversary you decided to start solo projects. Are these projects something you always wanted to do or something you thought about just recently?
Yugiri: [To release an album like this] is something I always wanted to do. I’m singing these songs that had an influence on me in my own style.
Nao: I’ve started a crazy unit named FREAKMAN.. I always wanted to do something like this!
Mayu: I want to compose guitar instrumental songs for quite some time.
Rei: I came up with it after we decided to do these projects. Producing a photobook was a challenge for me to see a world I haven’t seen yet.
Kazami: To release a piano album is a childhood dream.

JPA: If you had the chance to continue with your solo project after the 10th anniversary, would you do it?
Yugiri: I might want to release a CD every now and then. But I’d put my focus on DaizyStripper as main band.
Nao: That’s for sure!!
Mayu: As guitarist I think this solo project is quite challenging for me.
Rei: The photobook features a solo CD, so I think I want to compose an instrumental track.
Kazami Yes! If it works out well I want to continue.

JPA: Speaking of projects, you had a project named “Frantic Emiry” some years ago. Are you still planning to stand on stage again or has this project found its end?
Yugiri: Eh? I’ve heard they’ve disbanded?
Nao: Frantic Emiry is DEAD!!!!!
Mayu: I wonder how it is.
Rei: I want to give a Taiban with Frantic Emiry! [taiban=live with usually more than 2 bands]
Kazami: The members are missing.

JPA: For your anniversary you haven’t only announced solo projects but also a new single titled “amakara” that hit the stores in September. Please tell us what kind of CD this is. What are the lyrics about?
Yugiri: It’s a song that gives your strength in a way, so that you don’t pamper yourself. Your biggest rival is yourself. When you listen to this song I want it to give you strength, so that you don’t lose to yourself.
Nao: Amakara is V ROCK FUNK!!!! It has a beat that brings you into a good mood!!!
Mayu: The taste of life is neither sweet nor bitter. I think it expresses different sides of life. If you listen to it under this aspect you can have even more fun. That’s what I think…
Rei: It’s a single that is fun! It includes songs that let a new wind blow for DaizyStripper and I think we all can go wild at lives.
Kazami: Enjoy Yor Life!

JPA: Usually you change your instruments in your Music Slip that is also featured on most of your DVDs. What part do you like the most, except for your own?
Yugiri: I like playing the guitar. But actually I like them all!
Nao: Drums drums drums drums!!!
Mayu: Playing the drums is fun, isn’t it?
Rei: Playing drums is fun! You can play awesome goovy things (laughs)
Kazami: Vocals! You can go wild at that place that is the closest to the cameras!

JPA: Not long ago you held a live limited for girls and one limited for boys. Were your performances the same or was it different for you?
Yugiri: At the boys-limited live I took of some clothes in front of fans for the first time. It was super much fun and I was so excited. For the girls-limited live we all performed in clothes for girls. I performed as Gothic Lolita with clothes from PUTUMAYO. I want to do it again.
Nao: I’m a chameleon, so my looks as well as my heart vary a lot.
Mayu: I was giving those lives as completely different persons. Our make up was also unbelievable!
Rei: It was the first time we gave a boy-limited live but I really want to do that again. It was a lot of fun and with only boys we could go wild in a very ROCKish way. For the girls-limited live we were wearing all girlish outfits. We went crazy in an elegant way. The calls from our fans (=tresor), boys as well as girls, were the best!
Kazami: Boys are Monster. Girls are Crazy!

JPA: Mayu, in 2013 you took a break from band activities in order to think about your own life. Did you find the answer you were looking for during that time? What has changed for you afterwards?
Mayu: I think I took the chance to search for an answer and the world got brighter than before.

JPA: Right now many different DaizyStripper fans might be reading this interview. Among those fans there might also be some who are worried and think: “Who actually am I?” and want to find answers in life. What advice do you have for them?
Yugiri: Everyone is like that, thinking that they don’t know themselves. A Prime Minister as well as a President. But everyone can overcome those walls/difficulties. You will be fine as well.
Nao: YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!
Mayu: Probably, first of all it might be good to forgive and accept yourself, no matter who you are. And afterwards try to think about what kind of life you want for that self.
Rei: Please love yourself! If that’s difficult for you, tell me whatever bothers you and we’ll find a solution!
Kazami: Life isn’t for worrying. Life is for having fun. No problem!

JPA: DaizyStripper has already fulfilled many dreams and reached many goals. What are your goals for the future – as band and individual member?
Yugiri: Budokan
Nao: I want to hold a live with limp bizkit o(`ω´ )o
Mayu: We still couldn’t play at the halls I wanted to play at, Nippon Budokan and Tokyo Dome. I still aim at doing that.
Rei: My wishes are endless. We haven’t made them all come true yet. It’s from here on. We’re still rushing ahead. I want to go and meet our fans everywhere in this world.
Kazami: Heading towards our 20th anniversary.

JPA: In the end, please send a message to your oversea fans!
Yugiri: Thank you for everything. Let’s KISS and hug one day, okay?
Nao: You're my sunshine!!!!!
Mayu: I’m looking forward to the day we’re able to meet!
Rei: I want to meet our fans from all over the world. I love going crazy at lives with you. Please remember us in the future as well!
Kazami: Enjoy Yor Life! We will Rock you!

JPA: Thank you very much for taking the time for this interview!


After the release of "amakara" DaizyStripper announced the release of a new CD: this time it will be a full album titled "HOME". A tour to all 47 prefectures of Japan will follow this album to celebrate together with the fans.

But there are more releases, especially when you take a look at the members solo projects: The first release was Kazami's piano album that hit the stores this week. It's titled "DaizyStripper Piano Selection Ⅰ、Ⅱ" and you can take a look at the preview below:

Mayu's CD "My Tones" will drop on October 26th and Yugiri's CD "DREAM LOVERS" on November 2nd. Nao's solo project with Neverland's vocalist Ryouta, FREAKMAN., will hold its first live on October 20th and its CD "FREAKS" will be released one day earlier. Of course also Rei has a release fans can get their hands on: his photo book "different point of view ~betsu no shiten kara~" (different point of view ~別の視点から~) will drop very soon, on October 12th.
For more details on the releases make sure to check out DaizyStripper's website and twitter!

We hope this interview could give you an idea about the band and its new releases. What do you think about them and which one are you interested in the most?

Source: special thanks to the band and management for making this interview possible
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