DaizyStripper will Start 2017 with a New Album

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DaizyStripper will Start 2017 with a New Album

Visual Kei band DaizyStripper announced the release of a new album titled "HOME".

To celebrate its 10th anniversary DaizyStripper will release a new album on January 11th, 2017. If you want to buy it you can choose from 4 different types (or buy them all!) that all feature the following tracks. The order of the songs is not finalized yet though:

Welcome Back
VICTORIA ~Koori no Joou~ (~氷の女王~)
Flying New World
Amakara (アマカラ)
in Daylight
Jiyuu ga Okaeri (自由がお帰り)
The End of Music
Ashita ga Kurunara (明日が来るなら)
Kibou no Kakera (キボウノカケラ~Shiny Days~)

Moreover Type A for 3980 Yen will come with a DVD featuring "Ashita ga Kurunara PV & Music Slip", "MY WAY PV & Music Slip", "ARREST PV" and "Amakara PV". Type B and C for 3500 Yen each will come with a live CD featuring different parts of the band's live held on June 5th, 2016 while Type D for 3000 Yen will feature only the 1st CD including studio recordings.

To visit as many fans as possible next year DaizyStripper will go on a tour that will lead them to all 47 prefectures of Japan. The tours tarts on February 1st and will end with the final and 10th anniversary live on June 5th at Tokyo Dome City Hall.

Are you buying this album or go to one of the lives to celebrate together with the band?

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