Girugamesh's ex-Member ShuU Talks about Further Band Activities

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Girugamesh's ex-Member ShuU Talks about Further Band Activities

ShuU, ex-member of Japanese rock band Girugamesh, revealed some details regarding his future as musician.

It has been 4 1/2 months since Girugamesh announced its disbanding and 2 months since the band's last live. Back then they revealed to release this last live as DVD-set and also gave out details on a special limited edition that was only available for preorder. The regular edition dropping on November 16th can be bought by everyone in regular Japanese music shops. It is titled "girugamesh ONEMAN TOUR 2016 「chimera -period-」 (「鵺-period-」)" and will feature the last live on two discs.

While giving out this information on his new blog ex-member ShuU also talked about his future as a musician:

"At 100% I won’t be in an aspiring band anymore. Girugamesh was my first and last.
I'm happy I was invited to join bands “that are aiming at going big” but I declined. Still, I like music and for years I'm thinking: “I was saved by music, so I want to save someone with music”. Because this feeling hasn’t changed I want to come back and do music related things the way I can do them."

Stating this he announced a couple of lives of KEEL between October and December as well as a DJ night in Tokyo. Also Miya (MUCC), Show (A9) and some other musicians will take part in the DJ night on October 2nd.
Moreover, ShuU hints that he will also have some work with clothing going on but nothing has been revealed so far. Stay tuned for more information!

Source: shuU's blog
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