Top 10 Most Viewed K-Pop MVs in the US & Around the World in August

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Top 10 Most Viewed K-Pop MVs in the US & Around the World in August

The US-based music magazine Billboard has revealed top 10 list of most viewed K-Pop music videos in America and around the World.

EXO, with its MV on the new track “Lotto” from the same-titled 3rd re-packaged album, has topped both music video charts in August. To date, the dark aesthetic MV gained over 25 million views on YouTube. 

Also, a trio of Chen, Xiumin and Baekhyun from EXO with their OST track “For You” landed at No.9 on the chart around the world.

Agust D, very well-known as a rapper Suga from Bangtan Boys, hit second spot with the same-titled hit song from his debut LP in America and No.3 around the world. His second MV on “Give It to Me” took No.6 in the US and No.8 worldwide.

Rookie girl group I.O.I with “Whatta Man (Good Man)” landed at No.3 in America’s video chart and hit No.2 around the world.

Newcomers and the youngest group in the list NCT Dream with its bubbled upbeat debut MV "Chewing Gum" took No.4 in both charts.

Monsta X in all black with its thrilling, sexy choreography MV on “Stuck” hit No.5 in America and No.6 around the world.

VIXX with its mysterious MV “Fantasy” landed at No.7 stateside and No.10 worldwide.

Girls’ Generation’s lyrics track “Sailing (0805)” took 5th line in the chart around the world. The group’s sub-unit of Yuri and Seohyun with its catchy MV "Secret" hit No.9 in the States and No.7 around the world.

2PM’s Jun. K with his solo comeback MV “Think About You” got No.8 in America. Lastly, another JYP’s singer Jimin Park with “Try” landed at No. 10 in the same chart.

Top 10 of most viewed K-Pop videos in America in August 2016:

1. EXO, "Lotto"
 2. Agust D, "Agust D"
 3. I.O.I, "Whatta Man (Good Man)"
 4. NCT Dream, "Chewing Gum"
 5. Monsta X, "Stuck"
 6. Agust D, "Give It to Me"
 7. VIXX, "Fantasy"
 8. Jun. K, "Think About You"
 9. Yuri & Seohyun, "Secret"
 10. Jimin Park, "Try"

Top 10 of most viewed K-Pop videos around the world in August 2016:

1. EXO, "Lotto"
 2. I.O.I, "Whatta Man (Good Man)"
 3. Agust D, "Agust D"
 4. NCT Dream, "Chewing Gum"
 5. Girls' Generation, "Sailing (0805)"
 6. Monsta X, "Stuck"
 7. Yuri & Seohyun, "Secret"
 8. Agust D, "Give It to Me"
 9. EXO's Chen, Baekhyun & Xiumin, "For You"
 10. VIXX, "Fantasy"

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