VIXX’s Leo Sustains Injury At “Idol Star Athletics Championships”

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In addition to BTS member Jin, VIXX’s Leo also injured his nose while playing futsal during the August 29 filming of this fall’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

A source from the MBC show told TV Report that Leo let them know that he was injured after the match was over. He was taken to the hospital for treatment for his injury, and is currently resting.

A representative from VIXX’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment has told news outlets that they will be focusing on his recovery now, and that their planned schedule for the group may be altered depending on his recovery. It’s reported that VIXX will not be appearing on this week’s episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show” as previously planned. It will be determined later on if the group will be appearing on the rest of the week’s music shows.

The representative goes on to say, “It is a bruise, but since it is [an injury on] his face, we will be monitoring it.”

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