Kamijo's Shows in America Cancelled

3yr ago   ·   Friday 19 Aug, 2016 - 10:41am UTC   ·   Keia   ·   1 upvote   ·   2 comments   ·   3,092 views
Kamijo's Shows in America Cancelled

Concert organiser B7Klan just announced that the shows of Visual Kei artist KAMIJO that were scheduled for this month in America are cancelled.

Vocalist KAMIJO actually planned to hold live concerts in New York on August 25th and Mexico City on August 28th but those shows are completely cancelled now. According to B7Klan that organizes the artist's shows in France the Mexican promoters have cancelled the show in Mexico all of a sudden. Due to this cancellation also the show in North America won't take place. 

Check out B7Klan's facebook for more information.

Source: B7Klan
Shared by: Keia
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    coolrey 3yr ago

    Ok let me explain how it went.

    Kamijo group -> Promoter -> Concert

    The Promoter fail to , well promote (make publicity) of the concert. The fans made more publicity of it than the promoter did.

    Due to the lack of promotion and their heavy lazy a**es, they decided to "Cancel the event in the last minute to see if they can sell more ticket". That the official stat of the promoter, does it make any sense? (judge yourself, you can read it on the face page, but i wont give the sh*t promoter page, they dont desrve it).

    VIP sold the first week, its was like almost 1000 fans already with ticket, and NO, they cancelled, ONE WEEK before the concert.
    Kamijo ans his group made everthing posible to came to America, but it was in vain. (having a second thougth it is a week of returning to class)
    So i was going to Kamijo concert, and they took away that oportunity, still Kamijo France will help fans from Mexico to deliver the flag and some good the fans have for Kamijo. The 29 of agust will be a sign of the flag, some letter, photos and stuff they going to send to France, the place will be Harajuku (a visual kei store in Mexico city).
    Thanks Kamijo France.


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    Yukari5vk 3yr ago   Edited

    That s**tty promoter also "organized" Kamijo's concert last year in Mexico City and the so called organization was a disgrace, it's like these guys are total idiots, seriously! Problems started even BEFORE day ONE with this guys not even sticking up with their own agenda for ticket sales. Honestly I am not surprised that these lame promoters didn't have what it takes, AGAIN, to make a decent organization but it is a shame that these *ss h*les cancelled all of a sudden like that (as if we needed any more proof 'bout their lame business ways). I hope to see real promoters bring great artists like Kamijo and others... Visual kei scene artists: please don't be mad at Mexico :( Please! Ho and also, guys in the USA please don't be mad at us either :(

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