Tegoshi Yuya Wants Japanese Couples To Kiss More In Public

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Tegoshi Yuya Wants Japanese Couples To Kiss More In Public
NEWS member Tegoshi Yuya shared his opinion on public displays of affection, calling on Japanese couples to kiss more in public.

Yuya was a guest on the radio program "K-Chan NEWS". During the program, he advocated for more open public displays of affection.

"It would be great if more Japanese couples showed their passion and acted lovey-dovey in public. It isn't done enough," Yuya said when asked about his opinion on couples.

The singer then recounted a time that he rode a train in Italy. A couple were making out on the train, and it wasn't viewed negatively by the other passengers. Yuya hopes that attitudes towards public displays of affection will become relaxed like they are overseas.

Another guest on the program rebutted Yuya's view, calling it awkward to see people making out in public.
Source: jpopasia.com
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    DianaJade 2yr ago

    I agree with him.

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    swoon21 2yr ago
    Not sure why it's news, that's like the tamest opinion he ever voiced on this show.
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