FLOWER FLOWER Announces First Physical Single "Takaramono"

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FLOWER FLOWER Announces First Physical Single
FLOWER FLOWER, the band started by popular singer Yui, will be releasing a new single titled "Takaramono" on September 7.

The upcoming single will be the band's first new release in over a year. The band had taken a break after Yui gave birth to twin boys in August of 2015.

"Takaramono" will also mark the first time the band has released a physical single. A mini album and a studio album had been physically released before, but all singles had been digital ones up until this point.

Work on the new single began earlier this year. Yui expressed her excitement over the single.

"I wasn't expecting to be able to release this single. I'm honestly very happy about it," she said.

"Takaramono" has been part of the band's set list during concerts in the past. It is generally considered one of its more popular unreleased songs.
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