Zin's Riku Announces to Depart

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Zin's Riku Announces to Depart
Riku, vocalist of Visual Kei band Zin (ジン), announced that he has departed from the band. The circumstances are still unclear.

Today Riku update his blog with an entry regarding his future as a member of Zin. As of July 22nd he couldn't stand on stage with the other members anymore due to personal reasons. Already last year the vocalist has paused live activities due to poor mental health and took a break this year as well.
Even though Riku himself wrote that he departs from the band, he also expresses his feelings about not being able or allowed to have a last live:

I just wanted to sing one last time in front of you.
I wanted to give a departure live.
I wanted to tell you, the fans who liked my songs, directly in my own words and not on this blog that I'm sorry for breaking my promise to continue singing forever.
But I'm not able to do that.
I think that mistrust for me is something I can't change and it's my own fault.
But I just wanted to sing those songs one last time for you who were waiting for them.

I'm really a useless person and caused only trouble to many people but more than anyone else I gave all my best while standing on stage and could tell you who were there about that person I was.

Those moments were my reason to live.
I loved you so much who came to have fun with me in those moments.
Maybe I wouldn't have been able to enjoy a last live wholeheartedly but I wanted to sing one last time in front of you whom I love so much.
I wanted to meet you with a smile.

I want to meet you.

It turns out that this might be Riku's last blog entry. In the beginning of that entry he explains that he can't use his twitter anymore since his band mates have changed the password of his account. They've also changed his blog password but for now he can still access it via the web-version, so that he could write today's entry to comment on the situation.

It's still unclear what exactly happened and until now only Riku has commented on the matter. There is neither an official statement nor a statement by the other members.
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