Kazami Records DaizyStripper's Songs as Piano Versions for Solo Project

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Kazami Records DaizyStripper's Songs as Piano Versions for Solo Project
Kazami, drummer of Visual Kei band DaizyStripper, will release his Piano Selection in October.

DaizyStripper formed in 2007, so the band is currently preparing for its 10th anniversary as we've already mentioned some months ago. As part of this celebration which they call "decade" the members have started their solo projects. Details on Kazami's plans have been revealed now and you can look forward to some interesting new CDs!

The drummer also plays the piano and keyboard, on stage as well as for the band's recordings, and has now decided to release a piano selection featuring instrumental versions of DaizyStripper's songs. Selection I and Selection II will be released at the same time and each one in two different types. Type A will cost 3400 Yen each and features 8 songs as well as a DVD including a PV and its making. Type B for 2900 yen will be CD-only featuring 8 songs. Both Selections will drop on October 5th and Kazami has not only played the piano and drums for the recording but also the bass.

Are you interested in this release? And what do you want the other members to do for their solo projects?
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