ZigZag to Release New Music Focussing on Fans of Current Visual Kei Scene

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ZigZag to Release New Music Focussing on Fans of Current Visual Kei Scene
Visual Kei band ZigZag will release a new mini album titled "shikiri ga kirai" (仕切りが嫌い).

The CD will be ZigZag's 2nd mini album and it will hit the stores in Osaka on July 22nd. Unfortunately it seems like the band will release this only in the Kansai-region of Japan just as they did with their first mini album "tsunagaritai" in April. The CD for 1500 Yen will feature the following songs:

01. shikiri ga kirai (仕切りが嫌い)
02. urameshiya ~hyakkiyagyou~ (怨めしや〜百鬼夜行〜)
03. masshou (抹消)
04. tochikurutteru (トチ狂っテる)
05. warui no ha bandman (悪いのはバンドマン)
06. shindehoshii (死んでほしい)

ZigZag is a band with a quite interesting concept. On the one hand their concept is about exorcism and purification as we've already mentioned in the beginning of this year when we introduced this band to you.
But there's another topic the band's concept is about: the current Visual Kei scene. ZigZag's songs focus on rather personal feelings and things a Visual Kei fan in Japan has to live with - especially the relationships between and jealousies among fans as well as the connection between fan and band members.
Following this concept the new song "urameshiya ~hyakkiyagyou~" for example is about a fan who falls in love with a member of a band after getting invited by a friend to a party and meeting him there. Also the upcoming lead track "shikiri ga kirai" takes up the feelings of a fan. But this time not love but hate within the fandom is involved.

Below you can already check out the rather strange new PV for "shikiri ga kirai". And if you want to hear more of them, take a look at ZigZag's website and listen to the previews of some of the older songs there!

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