Gossip to Release New Single in November

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Gossip to Release New Single in November
Gossip hasn't even released the last single of its three-month consecutive release campaign but already announced a new CD!

The new single is titled "Tenjoutenge Yuigadokushou" (天上天下唯我独唱) and will drop on November 9th. Even though you still have to wait four more months the band has already revealed the track list. Two versions will go on sale but for most oversea fans Type A is probably the one they should take a look at. Except for the lead tracks the types feature different songs but unfortunately Type B is only available via Village Vanguard, a shop in Japan that sells Visual Kei goods and CDs as well as various other things.

Type A (2160 Yen)
01.tenjoutenge yuigadokushou (天上天下唯我独唱)
02.sou boku wa tori ni naru (「そう僕は鳥になる」)
03.ochikuni (堕国)

Type B (1890 Yen, Village Vanguard-limited)
01.tenjoutenge yuigadokushou (天上天下唯我独唱)
02.aa chuunigakusei. (嗚呼、厨二学生。)
03.ankoku sekai wa yami (暗黒世界ハ闇)
04.shakai no mado (社会の窓)
live DVD

If you want to grab a copy, better be quick! Type A is limited to 1000 copies, Type B to 444 copies.
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