Girugamesh Announces Final Release

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Girugamesh Announces Final Release
Japanese rock band Girugamesh announced the release of a final DVD-set.

Girugamesh just finished its very last live. In May the band went on its last European tour and also took the time for an interview with JPA before the members head back to Japan to prepair for their last live as members of Girugamesh and also record one last CD, "period", which has been sold at this last live.
Even though "period" will be Girugamesh's last song it won't be the band's last release in general since it has been revealed that a new DVD box will be released.

The "Special Limited Edition" will feature the complete live held on July 10th, 2016 at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo on DVD as well as on CD. Moreover, 2 documentary DVDs. The 1st one features scenes of the European tour as well as backstage scenes of the last live in Japan. The 2nd disc features scenes recorded during the past 12 years of the band's activity. All in all there will be around 6 hours of footage! The box will come with a special booklet (64 pages) including live photos of the last live, an interview and more.

You can buy this special release only from now until August 10th, 2016 on this site for 19440 Yen.
But it has been announced that there will also be a regular version that features only the live and will be available in usual shops.

With this last release girugamesh's activity period will come to an end. Let's see if we'll be able to meet the members on stage again one day!
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