FoLLoW Shares Details and Preview of First Album

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FoLLoW Shares Details and Preview of First Album
This year Visual Kei band FoLLoW will celebrate its 3rd year of band activity and will release its first full album on this occasion. Check out details on it below!

It was more than two months ago when FoLLoW announced the release of its very first album. Until now the band has released seven singles and a few songs of them will also be featured on the self-titled album that is scheduled to drop on August 10th. The CD will feature 11 songs and one PV for 3240 Yen. 6 tracks have already been released before, either on the singles or on a compilation album that has dropped last year. The oldest song featured on it is titled "Until" and hit the stores more than two years ago. But you will also get brand new songs! Just check out the track list below and watch the PV preview the band has uploaded:

1.Perfect Love
2.Don’t Stop Music
4.kanchigai (勘違い)
5.pinocchio (ピノキオ)
6.utopia (ユートピア)
8.uppercut (アッパーカット)
10.planetarium (プラネタリウム)
11.Music Garden
+ Music Garden PV and Making

On July 29th FoLLoW will celebrate its 3rd anniversary at Osaka Muse. Are you gonna celebrate with them? And do you plan to get your hands on the band's first album?
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