Ayumi Hamasaki & ISM to Reissue Collab Shampoo “Sugar Coconut”

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Ayumi Hamasaki & ISM to Reissue Collab Shampoo “Sugar Coconut”
In July 2013, Ayumi Hamasaki and hair salon ISM issued collab shampoo “Sugar Coconut” (ISM Salon Quality Haircare Shampoo Sugar Coconut), which had a tremendous success and a huge accolade in Japan. This year in June it was confirmed to reissue the shampoo again.

To reveal more information to impatiently awaiting fans, Ayumi and ISM’s representative Mr. Yoshida Jun exchanged with some messages via Twitter.

Yoshida Jun, “No sooner we had announced about reissuing Sugar Coconut than we were flooded by tones of messages about recommencement of shampoo sales. I just can say that we have not decided it yet. (>_<) We will start sales as soon as possible. I will try hard too!!

Ayumi, “Then, we are going to do it soon, aren’t we? *thumb up* Sugar Coconut reissue. 8-)

Ayumi has also become the main figure for a shampoo campaign. The shampoo reservation kicks off from June 20. Other details are available on ISM’s official page.
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