Acid Black Cherry's Album "L" will Get Movie Adaption

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Acid Black Cherry's Album
Acid Black Cherry, the solo project of Janne Da Arc's vocalist yasu, has announced that its album "L-エル-" will get a movie adaption.

In February 2015 Acid Black Cherry (short: ABC) released its 4th album ""L-エル-". And even though the main focus of the album was the music, now there will also be something to watch! The album will get a movie adaption that will be broadcasted in autumn. The main actor is Hirose Alice (広瀬アリス) whom you can see in the picture at the end of this article.

For everyone living in Japan there is something else to look forward to: Last summer ABC held some free lives in Japan. Around 100,000 people gathered to watch his performance! Now the live held in Osaka will be broadcasted as "Film Concert" in various places all over Japan. Fans can join via lottery and if they're lucky they'll get a ticket to watch the broadcast for free.
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