Xaa-Xaa will Show You its "Despair"

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Xaa-Xaa will Show You its
Three new CDs. That's what Visual Kei band Xaa-Xaa announced this month.

Those three singles with the concept "despair/without hope" will drop between September and November: The first one, "kamisori" (カミソリ), on September 7th, "dosuguroi" (どす黒い) on October 5th and "yomei" (余命) on November 2nd. All CDs will come in two different types. Type A will cost 1944 Yen and includes two songs as well as a PV and Type B will cost 1296 Yen and is CD-only featuring two songs. Stay tuned for more details!

One day after the third single Xaa-xaa will kick off its one man tour at Umeda ZEELA in Osaka. The tour final is planned for January 8th at Shinjuku LOFT.
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