All Members Of 4Minute Except HyunA Leave Cube Entertainment

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All Members Of 4Minute Except HyunA Leave Cube Entertainment
All of the members of 4Minute with the exception of HyunA have decided to leave Cube Entertainment when their contracts expire.

Gayoon, Jihyun, Jiyoon, and Sohyun made the decision not to renew their contracts with the company.

Cube Entertainment announce on June 16 that a final decision had been made regarding their contract renewal, and those 4 had decided to leave the company.

"We respect the opinions of the 4 girls, and sincerely hope only the best for them," the company said.

According to reports, Gayoon and Jihyun will be focusing on their acting careers, Jiyoon will be focusing on singing and producing, and Sohyun will become a permanent cast member on skyTV’s variety program "My Pet Laboratory".

It was first reported at the beginning of the week that 4Minute would be disbanding, but the decisions of the group's members other than HyunA had not been finalized at that time.
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