SNH48 Declares Itself A "Fully Independent" Group

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SNH48 Declares Itself A

SNH48's management has responded to AKS' accusations that it had violated its contract with AKB48.

In its statement, SNH48 has declared it has done nothing wrong, and established itself as a fully independent entity.

"SNH48 is a fully independent, autonomous, large-scale female idol group native to China," the statement said.

As an independent entity, the group's management claims that it can not be found in violation because it only works with AKB48 on a technical level.

In order to develop its own identity, SNH48 has worked diligently on creating its own original music that is not based on previously released AKB48 music. Establishing its own sister groups BEJ48 and GNZ48 was just another step in its efforts to become an independent group.

"On April 20, 2016, SNH48 announced the establishment of its official sister groups BEJ48 and GNZ48, and also announced its strategy to create original music content. SNH48 has already started going down its own path," the statement said.

SNH48 is not worried about a potential backlash or a decrease in interest by becoming an independent group. According to officials, the group's original content has been well received so far.

"SNH48 has laid a solid foundation for its long-term development based upon its original music, and in the future will continue to go down this road," the statement said.

On June 9, AKS cut ties with SNH48 due to claims that the group had violated its contract. SNH48 is no longer listed as an AKB48 sister group.

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