AKB48 Cuts Ties With SNH48 Due To Contract Violation

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AKB48 Cuts Ties With SNH48 Due To Contract Violation
AKB48's management company AKS has announced that its international sister group SNH48 has violated its contract with the group.

The announcement was made through AKB48's official website. SNH48's operations and management are said to be in violation of its contract as a sister group of AKB48.

SNH48 has been removed from AKB48's official website as one its sister groups. All banners and advertisements were also removed.

In March of 2016, SNH48 established its own sister groups BEJ48, based in Beijing, and GNZ48, based in Gaungzhou. AKS has clarified that neither of those groups were associated with AKB48.

AKS has stated that it will be reviewing its relationship with SNH48 and reconsidering its status as a member of the AKB48 family of group.

The company's decision to publicly reprimand SNH48 comes as it moves to expand its brand more aggressively into the Chinese market. The company formed partnerships with Chinese digital music provider KuGuo Music and investment management firm Zhongcai Group to help it access resources in the country.

SNH48 has not responded to the AKS' actions.
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