Kuroyuri to kage to Release New Mini Album in August

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Kuroyuri to kage to Release New Mini Album in August
Visual Kei band kuroyuri to kage will release a new mini album in August.

This spring kuroyuri to kage had many news for fans: first of all, in February, the band announced that two members would depart and retire on March 30th. After that they revealed that as of April the band will continue with a new line-up in April which turned out to be the remaining three members and a support drummer. But April brought more news: kuroyuri to kage surprisingly departed from Visual Kei label Ains of which also the bands DIAURA, Grieva and Gossip are part of.

Today, June 9th, the remaining three members made another announcement at their one man live in Tokyo, and this time it was a good one: kuroyuri to kage's new mini album "zouki no nozokiana." (臓器のノゾキ穴。) will drop on August 10th. The CD featuring the following six songs will cost 2500 Yen and is limited to 969 copies:

01.chocolate kaidan (チョコレート階段)
02.sennou (「洗脳」)
03.ekijou heya (液状部屋)
04.zetsurin full course (絶倫フルコース)
05.furanfuran (「腐乱腐乱」)
06.suteki na uta. (すてきな唄。)

Losing two members and departing from Ains won't slow the band down though! On August 7th they will kick off their one man tour in Sendai. The tour will find its end at the one man live on September 6th at Takadanobaba AREA.
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