[Exclusive] JpopAsia Interviews girugamesh on its Last Tour before Disbanding

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[Exclusive] JpopAsia Interviews girugamesh on its Last Tour before Disbanding
It has been 12 years since girugamesh started its activities and 2 years since we met the band for the first time to talk with them about their band life and songs. Before girugamesh's live in Munich, Germany, this weekend that was part of the band's European tour we met them once again and for the last time to review the past 12 years together with them - and also ask for their reason to break up in July. Find out more in the following interview!


JPA: The first time girugamesh came to Europe was almost a decade ago. There weren’t that many Visual Kei bands that came to Europe before and that could give you any advices. How was it for you in the beginning?
Everyone: It was difficult!
Ryo: Yes, it was difficult but it was fun! The first time we went there we made only good memories. But the second time we didn’t like the long flight.

JPA: You probably did already a lot during your past tours here but since this is your last tour, is there anything you want to do that you haven’t done yet? Special food you want to eat or sightseeing?
Ryo: Actually we did a lot of sightseeing.
Shuu: Yeah but since this is like a full time tour it was impossible to have free time and just rest.
JPA: In which city would you like to spend more free time?
Shuu: I want to go to Berlin. But we’ll go there tomorrow, so… I want to go to the place where we took the photos for our second album. At the Berlin wall. I want us to take pictures posing the same way like back then!
Everyone laughs and agrees: A new version!
JPA: Please upload them!
Everyone: We will!

JPA: Please tell us one souvenir you’ve bought since you're in Europe!
Ryo: Like something for our families?
JPA: Yes, or for yourselves.
Everyone laughs after thinking about it: We didn’t buy anything!
Ryo: Maybe in the end at the airport…? Any recommendations?
JPA: Speaking of Germany… beer?
Everyone laughing: But that’s heavy!
JPA: Or some special food. Special cookies or something like that?
Everyone: Traditional things, yes! We’ll buy it!

JPA: This is the last chance for you to play old and new songs. How did you decide for the setlist?
Ryo: This is our last tour, so each live will be the last one in that live house. We thought about that and decided that today too we will include old songs as well as new songs. We won’t perform all songs but we included many, so that everyone has fun at the lives.

JPA: And from all the songs you’ve composed, which one is the most important one for each of you?
Nii: I like Break Down the most. We could spread our music to the world especially with this song, so that’s really important to me and I like it the most.
Satoshi: For me it’s Kowareteiku Sekai. When we came to Europe for the first time everyone sang this song with us in Japanese and it made me feel that our music can really overcome those walls. It gave me a very nice feeling.
Ryo: For me it’s the same as for Nii. I like Break Down. It was the lead track of our third album “music” and with that album our music spread so far all of a sudden. That’s why this is the most important song for me.
Shuu: For me it’s “Evolution” that is on our third album. No matter which genre, no matter which country… It brings people into a good mood. That’s why it’s important for me.

JPA: Do you think your Japanese or oversea fans have changed over the years? The average age or the way they do the choreographies at lives…
Ryo: But we don’t really have choreographies. Maybe we should do that today?
Everyone laughs.
Shuu: The young generation, the “cool Japan” of these days… they started liking Kpop.
JPA: Yes, even here in Europe.
Shuu: Comparing it to some years ago it feels like there are less fans of this Visual Kei fashion.
Satoshi: There is almost nobody wearing Lolita-dresses!
Shuu: Or Gothic-fashion! You can’t really tell by just looking at them [that they're Visual Kei fans]! Like… They’ve grown up. Everyone.... went over to Kpop...
Ryo: So let's start Kpop?!
Everyone laughs.

JPA: You’re in this scene for many years now, giving lives and watching the scene. How did it change during that time?
Ryo: We?
JPA: You as well as the scene itself.
Ryo: Recently in Japan this genre called “Visual Kei” does exist but… Do you know SiM or Coldrain? If you compare it to years ago, it feels like the wall between those bands and Visual Kei bands have disappeared. People that like Visual Kei also started to like other rock music and the other way round.
Nii: And talking about us… Well, we’re active for 12 years now and we’ve used a lot of different styles in our songs. We’ve also said that when we talked about our most important songs. We thought that we might have reached the peak and grew up.
Ryo: 12 years ago I was 17 years old and now I’m 29!!
Nii to Ryo: You’re really not Japanese!! [regarding Ryo talking about his age]
Everyone laughs.

JPA: So… you just said you grew up and you probably know that the following question will come…
Ryo nods: Probably!
JPA: Don’t you want to tell us the reason for your disbanding?
Ryo: Speaking of the reason... The reason is that we’ve done everything we could do with these four members. This is the main reason. We can’t talk about any details but we’ve used all possibilities we had with these four members. We thought that this was the best we could do.

JPA: I see, thank you for telling us. Let's talk about the future of this scene a bit: Are there any Kohai-bands [younger bands] you would recommend to listen to?
Ryo: For me it’s Nocturnal Bloodlust. They’re popular here, aren't they?
JPA: Among oversea fans of Japanese rock music the band really seems to be popular, yes.
Ryo: They are a real Visual Kei band playing metal core music, so there’s a huge gap. But I think because of that they’re very popular here. Please push them!!
JPA: We’ll give our best! They haven’t been here yet though…
Ryo: They haven’t been… [note: Nocturnal Bloodlust announced its first European tour one day after this interview.]
Nii: For me it’s the same. They are an important Kohai-band for me. I want to see them being successful abroad as well. As Sempai I would like to see them going abroad.
Satoshi: For me it’s a crowd of rebellion. It’s a band from the city Niigata and I think they’re coming to Europe around… June?
Shuu: Hmm… a recommendation… If I come up with one, I’ll tell you on Twitter!

JPA: Alright! We’ll be waiting! And speaking of Kohai-bands, what advice would you give bands that have just formed?
Nii: Talk to each other, have fights! Don’t hold it back and pile it up! Talk to each other and you’ll be able to continue for a long time.

JPA: If you didn’t make music what job would you do now?
Ryo: If I didn’t make music I would do a job where I would teach it. (And after thinking for a while: ) Or I’d do part time jobs (laughs)
Nii: Of course I don’t know what life I would lead but we would probably lead a life like everyone else. As Salaryman.
Satoshi: I would do hikikomori [not leaving the house].
JPA: What, why??
Everyone laughs.
Satoshi laughing: If I didn’t make music I would probably watch Anime in my room, not having a job.
Everyone agrees: You would!
Ryo: I like technology and laptops and things like that, so I would probably work for a company like that.
Shuu: I like talking to people, so I would do part time jobbing in a bar.
Everyone laughing: Not even having a real job there! Just part time jobbing right away!

JPA: You said you would do jobs like those but what will really happen after girugamesh has disbanded? In the PV for “chimera” you’re dead but in the end you can see Satoshi being alive as if he’s reborn. What about girugamesh and its members? Do you want to form a new band and continue making music?
Ryo: After disbanding I want to continue making music for my youtube channel. I don’t know yet if I will continue being in a band but if the timing is right I might start a new band.
JPA: How about Satoshi and REDMAN?
Satoshi: Ahh... I'm not sure. I haven’t decided yet if I will continue making music or not. But if I decide to continue, I’ll let you know.

JPA: This is our last interview, so in the end, is there anything you want to say to your oversea fans?
Satoshi: Thank you for supporting us for 12 years! We broke down country’s borders and many other walls together and you’ve always watched over us. Thank you so much for liking our songs and concerts!

JPA: Thank you for this interview and the past 12 years!


Even though it was our last interview with the band girugamesh's last tour isn't over yet! There is still today's live in Krakow, Poland, the live in Budapest, Hungary, on May 25th and girugamesh's last live in Europe on 27th in Aschaffenburg, Germany. Tickets are still available, so make sure to take this last chance to see them live in Europe!

We wish the band some great remaining concerts and all the best for their future!
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