Kpop Song by BgA that "can't sing, dance and speak really Korean" Hits itunes Charts

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Kpop Song by BgA that

These days a Kpop song grabbed a lot of people's attention - but most of them have never heard of the artist and also the title leaves some questionmarks on people's faces: "Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼) I Have To Take a S**t (feat. Ryan Higa & David Choi)" by BgA (short for "Boys generally Asian"). But who is BgA and why do they have a song with a title like this? The answer is: It's a Kpop group formed by youtube star Ryan Higa and they decided to compose a Kpop song without being able to speak Korean.

The music video for this song has been uploaded to youtube two weeks ago, on May 13th, and reached over 1 million views that day, now it has already more than 4,3 million views. The video is about Ryan Higa, David Choi, Philip Wang, Justin Chon and Jun Sung Ahn, a group of asians that want to become popular with the girls and decide to make a Kpop group - but there are some problems and you can already read about them in the video's youtube description: The song is a "result of five guys who can't sing, dance or really speak Korean and try to start a kpop band."

Still, they decided to give their best and, even with lots of language mistakes, it hit the itunes Kpop charts! It's available for download on itunes since last week and many people already did buy the song: it entered the American Kpop itunes charts on #33 but made its way to the Top3! It peaked on #2 beating artists like BTS, JONGHYUN and MONSTA X. It even made it to #1 in some countries. Now, after about one week, BgA is still on #7.

If you haven't watched the video yet, make sure to check it out and tell us your opinion on the whole project!

Ryan Higa is a popular American Youtuber with more than 17 million subscribers and mostly comedy-videos that have been watched more than 2.7 billion times. This year he celebrates the 10th year of his youtube channel.

David Choi and Jun Sung are both working as music artists and have released several albums while Justin Chon is an actor, best known for his role as Eric Yorkie in the Twilight Saga. Phillip Wang is one of the founders of Wong Fu Productions and often works together with Ryan Higa for his videos.

Source: Ryan Higa twitter, fb & yt
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