Matenrou Opera's Anzi Departs from the Band after 8 Years

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Matenrou Opera's Anzi Departs from the Band after 8 Years
It has been announced today that guitarist Anzi will depart from Matenrou Opera.

Eight years is a long time. Nevertheless guitarist Anzi has decided that it's time for him to put an end to his activities as a member of Matenrou Opera. The announcement appeared on the band's website today giving some details on this decision.
Anzi revealed that "the only reason for departing is differences in consciousness and faith". This isn't an answer he has come to only a few days ago but he thought about this for a long time. Es says he is proud to have spent the past eight years as member of Matenrou Opera but it's time for him to walk a different path.

The last live with the current line-up will be held on July 22nd, 2016 at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Tokyo. And make sure to not miss the band's performance in Toronto this May since this will be the last time to see the band with this line-up abroad.
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    AshieWolfie 3yr ago

    Oh wow. That last live happened not so long ago. I haven't kept up with this band like I should, but Anzi will surely be missed. I hope they find someone to continue activities with. This is one of the J-Rock bands that got me into the J-Rock scene.

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