ex-SoniqRush. and Mekakushi Members Form "Sick."

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ex-SoniqRush. and Mekakushi Members Form

Bands disband but if the members don't retire from the music industry you have good chances that they will come back and form a new band with other members of disbanded bands. This also happened to a member of disbanded bands SoniqRush. and Mekakushi.

"Sick.", short for "Screaming inside can kill.", is a new Visual Kei band that has formed earlier this month. It's first live will be held on June 22nd at OSAKA RUIDO which is a sign that the band is based in Osaka. More lives are planned for July 19th, 20th and August 19th.

Since we've already mentioned that members of SoniqRush. and Mekakushi are part of this, let's go more into detail! This is the whole line-up:

Vocal: shiki (詩季) (ex-RazeL, SoniqRush.)
Guitar: fuki (風輝) (ex-MINDLOT, mekakusi)
Bass: Avel
Drums: takeshi (豪)

If you wonder who the second guitarist is: We can't really give you an answer to that question. The "?" could be either a sign that the members doesn't want to reveal yet who he is or it's actually that member's name. The twitter profile as well doesn't give any information on that.

Speaking of twitter, Sick. has an official account where you can also find the members individual twitter accounts.

Source: official twitter, MH
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