Girugamesh to Disband

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Girugamesh to Disband
More shocking news from the Japanese rock scene today: Rock band Girugamesh announced to disband after 12 years of band activity.

Girugamesh is one of the bands that started as Visual Kei band but slowly made its way through various kinds of music. Now the rock band announced that their journey will end very soon: this summer.
On May 11th girugamesh will kick off its European tour - which will be their last one. The tour final will be held on May 27th in Aschaffenburg, Germany and then there will be only one live left: On July 10th girugamesh will disband at its live at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo.

This is the message the members uploaded on their facebook site:

girugamesh started from zero with hometown friends.
We’ve dedicated everything and done everything we could for the band for this long period of 12 years.
This is our honest feelings.
We had many encounters. Friends, staffs and fans.
Because of your support and encouragement, we could walk for 12 years.
We will express our gratitude with our best performance at our final show!!


With girugamesh disbanding in July the last release might be the one that dropped in January - "chimera". For the new shows the members are currently working on a new song though.

We wish them all the best and hope everyone in Europe is able to see them one last time!
Source: jpopasia.com
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