KAT-TUN Sheds Tears During Final Performance As Group Enters Hiatus

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KAT-TUN Sheds Tears During Final Performance As Group Enters Hiatus
The members of KAT-TUN displayed strong emotions as they performed for the last time before going on hiatus.

The group held a concert at the Tokyo Dome as part of its 10th anniversary tour. This was the last stop of the tour, and marked the group's final appearance before entering into a recharging period.

55,000 people attended KAT-TUN's final concert as the group performed a medley of songs through its 10-year career. The group performed a double encore before leaving the stage. The audience continued to shout "One more time!", and the group returned for an unprecedented 3rd encore.

The three remaining members of the group all gave speeches during the concert. The topics ranged from thanking their fans for their years of support, pleads to continue caring for them as they go on to focus on individual activities, and promising to return once again as a group.

While making their speeches, the group's members began to cry. As they broke into tears, they came together to hug each other, causing the audience to cry out alongside them.

KAT-TUN has characterized its hiatus as a recharging period and has not set a time for it to end. However, the group denied that it is disbanding, and reassured fans that this concert would not be the end of KAT-TUN.
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