Supporting Cast for Shun Oguri's Upcoming Starring Film Revealed

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Supporting Cast for Shun Oguri's Upcoming Starring Film Revealed
It was reported in March that Shun Oguri will be playing the lead role for upcoming thriller movie "Museum", a live action adaptation of the same titled manga. In the film, he is police officer 'Hisashi Sawamura', taking charge of numerous heinous crimes happening in his vicinity. The murderer's identity is hidden as the person is wearing a frog mask.

Oguri will be starring alongside Machiko Ono, Shuhei Nomura, Nao Omori, Masato Ibu, Tomomi Maruyama, Tomoko Tabata, and Mikako Ichikawa. Each actor will be playing an eminent role throughout the story.

Machiko Ono is 'Haruka', Sawamura's (Oguri) wife. Oguri and Ono used to work with each other in the 2005 Fuji TV drama "Kyumei Byouto 24 Ji 3" and it took 11 years for them to act alongside each other again. Moreover, Shuhei Nomura is 'Nishino', a junior police officer and is also Sawamura's colleague. Nomura expressed his gratefulness for having worked with Oguri for the first time.

In addition, Nao Omori will be Sawamura's father while Masato Ibu will be playing as Sawamura's senior superintendent. Tomomi Maruyama, on the other hand, is also portraying as a police officer. Actresses Tomoko Tabata and Mikako Ichikawa will play certain characters for the film as the former will be Haruka's (Machiko Ono) best friend and the latter as a woman who knows key information which will help the police officers in the investigation. There will be a plot twist as Sawamura later finds out that the murderer's next targets are his wife and son.

Filming for the movie has already been completed at the end of last year. Directed by Keishi Ohmoto, Museum will open in theaters this autumn.
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