Oh My Girl Comments On Competitors GFRIEND & TWICE

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Oh My Girl Comments On Competitors GFRIEND & TWICE
Oh My Girl commented on GFRIEND and TWICE, the two rookie girl groups that debuted around the same time as them.

The group characterized the others as motivators for them to do better.

"We think that watching GFRIEND and TWICE becomes good stimulation for us. We are also the same age. We promoted on TV together, and we will work hard in order to catch up to them a lot," Oh My Girl commented.

The group's leader Hyojung also stated that the group's diversity helps them stand out.

"There's great diversity to each and every song with the emotions and voices of the eight people overlapping. That's why even when we perform, it's dynamic, which I believe is our unique advantage," Hyonjung said.

Oh My Girl, GFRIEND and TWICE were 3 of the most successful girl groups to debut in 2015.
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