Smileberry will Release 2nd Single in July

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Smileberry will Release 2nd Single in July
Visual Kei band Smileberry will release its 2nd single in July.

Today, March 25th, Smileberry held its very first one man live. It took place at TSUTAYA O-West in Tokyo and at that live the members had a nice announcement for everyone: On July 27th Smileberry's 2nd single will drop. "Koakuma KISS ME" (小悪魔KISS ME) is the title and the CD will be released in three different types. Details aren't available yet but we'll keep you updated!

The band's first one man tour "SMILE" will take place in Shibuya on August 11th, in Nagoya on August 19th and in Osaka on August 21st. Then, on September 10th, Smileberry will hold its 1st anniversary live "SUPER SMILE" at Shinjuku ReNY.

After all these information let's take a look at the preview for "Koakuma KISS ME"!

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