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Visual Kei band D=OUT has announced to leave PS COMPANY.

PS COMPANY is one of the most famous Visual Kei labels. Bands like the GazettE and SCREW are signed under it and ViViD, Alice Nine and Miyavi are also only a few examples for artists that had a contract with PSC. Now also D=OUT will leave the company after being part of it for five years - in order to go its own ways.
Moreover, "Hanamizakura Kouki", the solo project of D=OUT's vocalist, as well will officially depart from PSC but Kouki stated that he plans to continue the project.

You probably worry about the band now that it will leave its management. But Kouki explained via twitter that there is no need to worry. The band's schedule for the whole year has already been decided and even some events next year seem to be already set. For now the band wants to challenge itself and be active without the help of PSC. With D=OUT leaving also its fan club "ZIPANG" will dissolve.

After being active for 9 years and signed under PS COMPANY for 5 years the last live of D=OUT as part of the label will be a PS COMPANY presents live that is scheduled to be held at Maihama AMPHITHEATER on April 30th.
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