[Album Review] SCANDAL's "YELLOW"

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[Album Review] SCANDAL's
2015 was a busy year for SCANDAL. The band toured for much of the year, travelling across the world to bring its music to fans abroad. The tour inspired the band to write, and the fruition of the members’ effort is its latest album “YELLOW”. The fun, energetic spirit that SCANDAL brings to its live shows finds its way onto the band’s latest album.

“YELLOW” opens with a spirited instrumental track titled “Room No.7”. The song is reminiscent of those opening moments of a concert when the music starts playing and you anticipate the artist coming on stage. Listeners are immediately pumped with energy. The pace has been set for an exciting experience. For the most part, SCANDAL delivers on what it promises to bring with its opening track.

The following tracks, “Stamp!” and “LOVE ME DO”, serve as singles, and for good reason too. The lively spirit of the open track continues in full force on both of these songs. The music is fun and easy to groove along to. The lyrics are similarly easy and carefree. The combined effect results in songs that lift your spirit. Whether you’re living out happy times and need a soundtrack to your life, or you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, this album’s opening set is perfect for any occasion.

For the most part, the tone set at the beginning of the album is carried out throughout the album. There are some slight lapses in the energy though, such as the track “LOVE” which has a mellow, tropical island vibe. “Heaven na Kibun” also feels out of place with its 90s grunge aesthetic. However, while these moments feels jarring in the context of the overall body of music, the songs themselves aren’t particularly bad.

Despite a few flaws, "YELLOW" is a fun album to listen to. There is a joyful spirit that can be felt throughout the album, and you get the sense that SCANDAL had a blast while creating it. Longtime fans will of course already be listening to "YELLOW", but for people who haven't been exposed to the band's work, the album is a great way to introduce yourself to them.

Rating: 7 out of 10
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