Mari Yaguchi Admits To Being Molested While In Morning Musume

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Mari Yaguchi Admits To Being Molested While In Morning Musume
Former Morning Musume member Mari Yaguchi opened up about the molestation she received while she was in the group.

Yaguchi was a guest on the March 10 broadcast of variety show "Yoso de Iwantoite". On this program, the idol admitted that she was frequently molested by strangers during her time with Morning Musume.

Men would grope Yaguchi's breasts, butt and crotch. The issue was worst while she was riding on trains where crowds made it easier for them to touch her.

The molestations occurred quickly, and before she could do anything about it, the guys would run off.

Yaguchi stated that this sort of sexual abuse was prevalent for 3 years.

Despite the issues she had in public spaces, Yaguchi said that she never had trouble while participating in handshake events.

Yaguchi's story raises questions about the kinds of sexual harassment current idols experience but are unable to speak up about due to their current status and position within groups.
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