Matenrou Opera to Perform at Anime North Toronto

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Matenrou Opera to Perform at Anime North Toronto
It has been announced that Visual Kei band Matenrou Opera will perform in Canada this May.

J-rock North Promotions Inc. announced today at its website that Matenrou Opera will take part in Anime North Toronto. The band will hold a concert on May 28th at The Toronto Congress Center - Hall C. Start time is set for 7pm.

Anime North Toronto is an annual event with a program that is all about Anime, Manga, Games, Music and more parts of the Japanese culture. You can also participate in Workshops and Panels as well as concerts like the one of Matenrou Opera. If you own a ticket for the whole weekend or for Saturday, May 28th, there is no extra fee to see the band live. The event ticket is your concert ticket at the same time. For more details on tickets, guests and the program check out the official website!
Source: jpopasia.com
Shared by: Keia
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