WeZ Changes Band Name to "BabyKingdom" and Announces Two New CDs

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WeZ Changes Band Name to

Visual Kei band WeZ will change its band name and announced the release of a new single and remix-album.

WeZ is active since May 2013 and held its first live as four-member band back then. But two months ago WeZ' line-up changed: drummer yuki decided to depart due to personal reasons. After his departure WeZ performed with drummer N@deLu as support member who departed from befriended band Jassy in December. N@deLu hurt his hand in February in an accident though and stopped acting as support member. Now WeZ still hasn't a new official drummer but decided for another significant step: They will change the band name from "WeZ" to "Baby Kingdom" at its one man live "0-MONSTER" at OSAKA MUSE on March 24th.

Also the first single under this new band name has been decided: It's titled "HeartBeat / yuurei☆ni natte mo aishiteru" (HeartBeat / ユーレイ☆になっても愛してる) and drops the same day. You can buy it via the band's web shop and at its lives. The single will feature the said two songs, "HeartBeat" and "yuurei☆ni natte mo aishiteru", and costs 1000 Yen. The same day its remix album titled "Welcome to ZERO" will be released for 2000 Yen. This is the track list:

01.zannen×LOVE (残念×LOVE) (2016 ver.)

02.toki no memory (時のメモリー) (2016 ver.)

03.Liar Witch

04.ChanneL:4 (2016 ver.)


06.kaitou ZERO (怪盗ZERO) (2016 ver.)

07.doku~haha naru chikyuu no sakebigoe~ (毒~母なる地球の叫び声~)

08.love tina (ラブティーナ)

09.koakuma furufuru (小悪魔フルフル)

10.Baby bird (2016 ver.)

The band's new website can be found here and its twitter here.

Source: OHP, MH
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