Grieva Reveals Details on Upcoming Album "konton no hako"

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Grieva Reveals Details on Upcoming Album
After announcing the release of a new album back in January Visual Kei band Grieva revealed details on it and also uploaded a PV preview.

"konton no hako" (混沌ノ匣) is scheduled to drop on May 11th and will be the 3rd full album by Grieva. 16 songs will be featured on the CD including an intro. You want to know the song titles and hear a preview of the lead track? Then we have good news for you since Grieva has finally revealed details! This is the track list:

01.Type[Requiem] (SE)
02.jintai jikken~kimi ga kuruu made no 7kakan~ (人体実験~君ガ狂ウ迄ノ7日間~)
03.kibou to yoru (希望ト夜)
04.genei Syndrome (幻影Syndrome)
05.MAD[ism] Night party
06.ketsueki jelly (血液ゼリィ)
08.shounen A (少年A)
09.in the Blue
11.jisatsu circle (自殺サークル)
12.ironic sky
13.doukeshi no uta (道化師ノ唄)
14.Genocide GAME
15.suichuu shizumu toumei na hako (水中沈む透明な匣)
16.chinkonka (鎮魂歌)- another birthday-
01.genei Syndrome (幻影Syndrome)
02.kibou to yoru (希望ト夜)

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