Gossip Gains New Drummer and Announces Three New Singles

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Gossip Gains New Drummer and Announces Three New Singles
Visual Kei band gossip has gained a new drummer and announced the release of three new singles between May and July.

In February gossip announced that the band would lose hayate and only two weeks later the drummer's last live has been held. Hayate explained that he wouldn't depart until the band found a new drummer but details on the new member hadn't been revealed back then. Now, one month later, we can give you more information: Ritsu (律) held his first live as official member of gossip on March 5th. Before joining the band he played the drums for VeiL and VARYL.

The same day gossip announced the release of a three-month consecutive release campaign starting on May 4th with a single titled "immoral kichiku ㊙ ︎tsuushin kouza" (インモラル鬼畜㊙︎痛震講座). All three singles cost 1836 Yen each and are limited to 1000 copies. The first single features the tracks "-SAKURAN-" (錯乱), "houkago kichiku club" (放課後鬼チク倶楽部) and "meiwaku÷koui" (迷惑÷好意) as well as the PV for "-SAKURAN-".
The second single is titled "CHEMICAL FILTH" and it drops on June 15th. The tracks featured are titled "mental money neurosis" (メンタルマネーノイローゼ), "dareka-san ga koronda." (誰かさんが殺んだ。) and "nakigara yo" (亡骸よ) and the PV for the 2nd track.
The third and last single of this campaign will hit the stores on July 13th and is titled "ero-topiary" (エロトピアリ). The song titles are "[M.A.D]", "KICK ASS" and "happy birthday" (ハッピーバースデー) and the third track comes with a PV.

You can take a look at the covers at the end of this article and at the PV preview for the first video "-SAKURAN-" here:

There are also news on a tour! It will be a one man tour starting on May 21st and the tour final will be held at Takadanobaba AREA on July 2nd.

A lot of great news, don't you think so?
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