Flammability Of SNH48's Tang Anqi's Clothing Comes In To Question

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Flammability Of SNH48's Tang Anqi's Clothing Comes In To Question
Questions have begun to arise over whether the material of SNH48 member Tang Anqi's clothing was as flammable as originally thought.

Tang is said to have been wearing silk stockings and a down coat when she was lit on fire. The material is thought to have been highly flammable, creating the conditions necessary for her entire body to be engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds.

Chinese news program "Morning News" tested various brands of stocking during a segment on March 3. The stockings did not go up in flames as expected, and a hole was only burned through were the initial flame had been lit.

After testing stockings, the program then tried to set a down jacket on fire as well. Instead of immediately bursting in to flames, the jacket took approximately 5 minutes to completely burn.

According to a firefighter, if the flame had encounter skin oil, the flame's spread could have been accelerated. However, the program's experiments cast doubt over the current narrative of how the idol came to be engulfed in flames.

A police investigation in to the incident is currently underway. Officials are currently waiting on Tang to regain her ability to speak so they can question her and gain new insight in to how the incident occurred.
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