ALSDEAD Announces First Live since Going on Hiatus

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ALSDEAD Announces First Live since Going on Hiatus
ALSDEAD announced its first live after going on hiatus in fall last year.

In October Visual Kei band ALSDEAD went on hiatus. After the last live vocalist Maki addressed foreign fans on Twitter with a message in English:
To all our fans outside of Japan, thank you so much for the wonderful Flowers and message cards. Because you guys were here for us, ALSDEAD was able to go on for 7 years. We wanted to go perform in all of your countries, but we couldn't. So please forgive us. When we come back, we will make a band that will be able to go to the places you wish to see us. so until then, please wait (・ε・`)

Now it seems like the waiting has an end! Since November the band members have held several session lives but now it was announced that the members will hold their first live together since fall - as ALSDEAD. The live is titled "Zaoral" and will take place at Takadanobaba AREA in Tokyo on April 29th. And not only ALSDEAD will perform that day but two session bands with a line-up you should definitely take a look at:

Maki & NIKKY session:
Vocal: Maki (ALSDEAD)
Guitar: Katsuya (克哉) (ex-CodeRebirth, now in Misanthropist)
Bass: Яyu (Far East Dizain)

Shin (沁) & Yousuke (陽佑) session:
Vocal: Juri (ex-DELUHI)
Guitar: Shin (沁) (ALSDEAD)
Guitar: Satoshi (暁) (DOAK)
Bass Yosuke (陽佑) (ALSDEAD)

Even though only one live has been announced so far, this might be a sign for a complete comeback of ALSDEAD. We'll keep you updated with news on this band!
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