Rena Matsui Plays Lead Role in TV Drama "Kanagawa-ken Atsugi-shi Laundry Chigasaki"

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Rena Matsui Plays Lead Role in TV Drama
Former SKE48 member Rena Matsui will be playing her first lead role in the TV drama “Kanagawa-ken Atsugi-shi Laundry Chigasaki”. Written and directed by Ken Iizuka (“Arakawa Under the Bridge”), the drama follows the story of a Nagi Nagumo (played by Rena), a part-time employee in a laundromat in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Rena will also be performing the drama’s theme song. Titled “Shabon”, the song was done in collaboration with Charan-Po-Rantan and will be released as her solo debut single on April 6.

Type A:
1. "Shabon"
2. Coupling song A
DVD: "Shabon" MV

Type B:
1. "Shabon"
2. Coupling song B
DVD: "Shabon" MV making-of video

Type C (CD only):
1. "Shabon"
2. Coupling song A
3. Coupling song B
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