TWICE's Nayeon Caught Illegally Streaming Taeyeon's Music

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TWICE's Nayeon Caught Illegally Streaming Taeyeon's Music
TWICE member Nayeon was caught by netizens streaming an illegal copy of Taeyeon's song "Secret".

Nayeon had uploaded screenshot on Instagram showing her listening to Taeyeon's new song.

"I really get emotional whenever I concentrate to this song. Isn’t it amazing how emotions can be sent through earphones? I am still lacking a lot as an artist but I pray that I can do the same with my own songs. -Nayeon #TaeyeonSeniorIsTheBest #ONCEhaveAGoodWeekend," the post said.

The screenshot used showed that Nayeon had been streaming an illegally uploaded version of the song through Soundcloud. Netizens quickly pointed out the illegal streaming.

The post was quickly taken down, and a new one was uploaded which included an apology.

"Hello. This is Nayeon. First of all, I would like to apologize for my recent Instagram post. As an artist, I should have been more careful in approaching all matter regarding music but I have been careless. I apologize again for everyone that I caused concern. In order to prevent this from ever happening again, I will only stream from sites that provides songs legally and officially. And I will also be more cautious at all times. I am very sorry," she wrote.

Because she is a musician herself, netizens were baffled as to why she didn't stream legal versions of the song through official services. While Korean netizens scrutinized her actions, Western ones were more forgiving and recognized it as an innocent mistake.
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