Smileberry's "Sun!Sun!Smile!!" to be Aired at Crossing in Tokyo

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Visual Kei band Smileberry's latest single will drop in two weeks and the PV preview will be shown at a big screen in Shibuya.

It has been almost half a year since Visual Kei band Smileberry started formal activities and announced two singles: The first one, "NO MORE CRY", dropped in December and was a cover single, the second one is titled "Sun!Sun!Smile" and is the band's first official single. Already back in September details on the track list were revealed but now there's a PV preview as well as a couple of more things the band has announced.

"Sun!Sun!Smile!!" will drop in two weeks, on March 2nd, in three different types. The lead track isn't really a new song though. Smileberry already played it back in August at its secret lives but said that they aren't sure if they will play this song again or release it after starting formal activities. Now, half a year later, it will drop - even featuring a PV. Check out the track lists here and the PV preview below:

Moreover, there is a video featuring the whole song and vocalist Motoki showing you the dance moves for the track:

This PV preview will not only be available online and on DVD but if you're in Japan you can also watch it at a special place in Tokyo! On the screen at Shibuya 109 Forum Vision, right at the famous crossing in Tokyo, the PV preview will air from February 22nd to March 3rd from 9:26 am until 11:26 pm once each hour. Already back in August you could watch the band's PV for "Smiley" on the same screen. Apart from more popular bands and bands that are already active for a longer time like Girugamesh and DIV Visual Kei bands don't show up on these big screens in Shibuya that often.

The past week Smileberry's members had some trouble with their health, so we hope they won't miss any other upcoming lives. On February 11th and 13th guitarist Ritsu couldn't perform due to influenza. In addition to Ritsu also Motoki got sick and didn't perform as of February 13th - and two days later bassist Yuna stayed at home as well due to a chronic disease. They didn't cancel any of these lives though. Finally on February 19th Smileberry performed with all members again after giving concerts with only three or four members for one week.
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