aiko Reveals the Track List For Her Upcoming Single “Motto”

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aiko Reveals the Track List For Her Upcoming Single “Motto”
aiko has announced the track list for her upcoming single “Motto”. Aside from the title track, which is currently the theme song for the TBS drama “Dame na watashi koishite kudasai”, the single will also feature two new songs, “Mondaishuu” and “Hansode”.

All the songs in the single were written by aiko herself, and according to her, "All three songs have different colors". “Motto” and “Hansode” were arranged by OSTER project while “Mondaishuu” was arranged by Kano Kawashima.

“Motto” is scheduled to hit store shelves on March 9 and will be aiko’s 35th single to date.

“Motto” Tracklist
1. Motto
2. Mondaishuu
3. Hansode
4. Motto (instrumental)
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