Ai Kago Will Leave Girls Beat!! To Pursue Solo Activities

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Ai Kago Will Leave Girls Beat!! To Pursue Solo Activities
Girls Beat!! announced that the group's founding member Ai Kago will be leaving the group to pursue her solo career.

The announcement was made on Girls Beat!!'s official website on February 15. The group is scheduled to perform on February 29 at Tokyo's CLUB QUATRO. Kago will be leaving the group following this performance.

According to the group's announcement, Kago decided to leave the group herself. The group will continue with remaining two members, Ryona Himeno and Yui Momose. The two will be recruiting new members for the group.

Prior to Kago's decision to leave, Girls Beat!! was working on an album as a 3-member group. It was in the single-production stage. Despite her departure, the group states that it will still be releasing new music in the near future.

Earlier this month, Kago held a solo concert to celebrate her 28th birthday. It was her first time performing solo in 6 years and alluded to her decision to pursue a solo career.

Kago's decision to leave Girls Beat!! comes just 3 months after she rejoined the group in November of 2015.

Girls Beat!! was formed by Kago in 2014 as her way of returning to the idol music scene. The group quickly went on hiatus when Kago's then husband was arrested later that year and later resumed activities the following year in September of 2015 without her.
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