KAT-TUN To Go On Temporary Hiatus

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KAT-TUN To Go On Temporary Hiatus
Following the end of its 10th anniversary tour, KAT-TUN will be going on a temporary hiatus to recharge.

The temporary hiatus was announced by the group members through a video released on the internet.

"We will be stopping our group activities during this period and focusing our time on our solo activities," group member Yuichi Nakamaru said.

The group did not a set an amount of time that it will be on hiatus. However, the group also ensured fans that they were not disbanding.

"There will be no disbandment...to make this point clear, there will be no disbandment," Kazuya Kamenashi said.

The temporary hiatus will begin on May 1 after its dome tour performance in Tokyo.

The group's decision comes days after Junnosuke Taguchi announced that he will be leaving the group at the end of March. He will not be participating in the group's anniversary tour, and he is not scheduled for any future appearances.

Over the past 5 years, KAT-TUN has lost 3 of its 6 original members. With the loss of Taguchi, the group's standing was up in the air.
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