Junnosuke Taguchi To Leave KAT-TUN In March

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Junnosuke Taguchi To Leave KAT-TUN In March
KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi will be leaving the group at the end of March, the group's agency Johnny's & Associates has revealed.

On November 24, Taguchi announced his decision to leave the group this spring. An exact date for his departure was not set at the time.

On March 22, 2006, KAT-TUN released its debut single "Real Face". This year will mark the group's 10th anniversary.

KAT-TUN will be going on a 10th anniversary tour starting on March 22. Only the 3 group members staying with the group, Kazuya Kamenashi, Yuichi Nakamaru and Ueda Tatsuya will participate in the tour.

Taguchi will not be participating in KAT-TUN's upcoming tour. Although he is still featured in the group's upcoming single "UNLOCK", there are currently no plans to hold any future live performances or events with all 4 members.

A reason behind Taguchi's decision to leave the group was never given. When asked to explain, the idol stated, "I am unable to say anything."
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