Drummer will Leave gossip

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Drummer will Leave gossip
Visual Kei band gossip just announced that the band's drummer will depart.

Between an announcement and the actually departure of a member fans have usually some weeks or even months left to go to more lives and see this member live at least one more time. Unfortunately fans of gossip's drummer hayate won't have much time to do so. The band just announced that hayate will depart after the live at Meguru Rock May Kan on February 21st.

He explains that for about one year he's thinking a lot about his band activities in the future but while being on tour with all bands of Ains, the label they are signed under, it wasn't the right time to announce a departure. He wanted to continue until the band has found a reliable drummer. Details on a new member haven't been revealed yet but the band still already announced hayate's departure.

We'll keep you updated on news regarding a new drummer and hayate's band activities.
Source: jpopasia.com
Shared by: Keia
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