All Sick² Members Record Vocals for Two New Singles

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All Sick² Members Record Vocals for Two New Singles
Visual Kei band Sick² has announced not only one but two new singles to be released in April.

Do you remember Sick², a band we've introduced two months ago? Back then they announced the release of a live DVD but now also an announcement for new music has been made. On April 6th Sick² will release two new singles that come in five different types each.

The first single is titled "zettai tenshi ryouiki" (絶対天使領域) and the second single is titled "mousou akuma shinpan" (妄想悪魔審判). Both CDs have quite interesting track lists since each single will include its title track as well as five bonus tracks. Track 2 will be sung by vocalist gene, track 3 by guitarist matsuri, track 4 by guitarist yuzu, track 5 by bassist takuma and track 6 by drummer hiroshi. But that's not the only interesting fact. Since both singles will come in fives different types the bonus tracks will be sung in five different ways:

Type A: "Just woken up"
Type B: "Phone"
Type C: "Mail"
Type D: "Lovely"
Type E: "Making fans go crazy [at lives]"

If you buy "zettai tenshi ryouiki" tracks 2 to 6 will be sung in an "angelic voice" while on "mousou akuma shinpan" it will be in a "demonic" voice.

So all in all "zettai tenshi ryouiki" will include the title track "zettai tenshi ryouiki" as well as one vocal cover of each member sung in a particular way. "mousou akuma shinpan" will include the title track "mousou akuma shinpan" and vocal covers of each member. Including all types there will be 10 different CDs coming out on April 6th. That might be a lot but each type costs only 540 Yen.

Are you going to get one (or some?) of them?
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