Several Visual Kei Artists Postpone Lives due to Influenza

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Several Visual Kei Artists Postpone Lives due to Influenza
Everyone take care: Influenza is around! And of course also bandmen aren't immune.

Last week iNSOMNiA's guitarist yua was absent at their live due to influenza and VIVALET's vocalist MARY as well couldn't perform at the band's live in Tokyo on January 26th.

Mix Speaker's, Inc.'s bassist seek and drummer S won't be able to perform at the band's live in Tokyo today due to influenza. The live will still take place.

Same goes for DIAURA's yo-ka and MEJIBRAY's Tsuzuku. Both bands are on two man tour right now and both vocalists got influenza. The members decided that they will perform without their frontmen and change the live into a free live. Fans can apply to change their tickets into one for another live for which details will be announced later or get back the money for it. DIAURA's guitarist Kei will celebrate his birthday tomorrow at Aomori and the bands plan to perform there as usual but without yo-ka.
This year DIAURA isn't really lucky regarding their health. The band's drummer Tatsuya already had to pause live activities just this week, on February 2nd and 4th, due to influenza.

Unfortunately there also some real postponements: DaizyStripper's vocalist Yuugiri got sick as well and the band's live on February 4th got postponed. Also tomorrow's concert at Kashiwa will take place another day.

Hopefully there won't be more postponements and cancellations and the bandmen will recover soon!
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