MAMAMOO's Agency Publicly Discloses Identity Of Group's Stalkers

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MAMAMOO's Agency Publicly Discloses Identity Of Group's Stalkers
In response to continued stalking of the group, MAMAMOO's agency Rainbow Bridge World has publicly identified 5 people and banned them from the group's events.

On February 1, Rainbow Bridge World issued a warning to people who had been following the group's every move and inhibiting the group from travelling safely. Because these actions continue, the company took more drastic measures.

"We are giving you this notice due to disgraceful circumstances, so we ask for your understanding. Due to the recent following of the members to their dorms, the agency, and throughout their private schedules, as well as a problem with their comings and goings, there was a notice about prohibitive regulations being put to place on February 1, but despite that, we've consistently run into problems, so we plan to take disciplinary measures against [the people written] below this notice," the company wrote on MAMAMOO's official fan cafe.

5 people were then identified as stalkers of the group. Their online IDs were publicly disclosed. The 5 were permanently banned from the group's fan cafe and public appearances. They also will not be allowed membership in the group's official fan club.

Netizens have praise Rainbow Bridge World for its tough stance against the group's stalkers.
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